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When Do You Need a Permit for a Renovation or Remodel?

You’ve made the decision that you’re going to do a home improvement project of some type. So a big question becomes whether or not you need a permit. The short answer is that it depends,

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Buying a Property with Tenants: What to Know

When you decide to buy a home, it's not something you take lightly. There can also be numerous complications that arise as part of the process, especially if you buy a house that has tenants.If you

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How Does the Prime Rate Affect Homebuyers?

If you're shopping for a new house or considering investing in real estate, you might have encountered the term prime rate. The prime rate impacts current mortgage rates and loans, and at its core,

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What Happens After a Missed Mortgage Payment?

It's unlikely that you've intentionally come to a situation where you're missing a mortgage payment. You might have missed your due date accidentally, or you could be facing financial challenges

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